Monday, March 16, 2015

Silly Love Songs by Wings

You'd Think That People Would Have Had Enought Of Silly Love Songs.
But I Look Around Me And I See It Isn't So.
Some People Wanna Fill The World With Silly Love Songs.
And What's Wrong With That?
I'd Like To Know, 'Cause Here I Go Again
I Love You, I Love You,
I Love You, I Love You.

I Can't Explain The Feeling's Plain To Me; Say Can't You See?
Ah, She Gave Me More, She Gave It All To Me
Now Can't You See, What's Wrong With That
I Need To Know, 'Cause Here I Go Again
I Love You, I Love You.

Love Doesn't Come In A Minute,
Sometimes It Doesn't Come At All
I Only Know That When I'm In It
It Isn't Silly, No, It Isn't Silly, Love Isn't Silly At All.

How Can I Tell You About My Loved One?
How Can I Tell You About My Loved One?

How Can I Tell You About My Loved One?
(I Loveyou)
How Can I Tell You About My Loved One?
(I Loveyou)



Aaron Vattano said...

I did in fact click the link. I did watch. And it changed my opinion of the song. I went from liking it okay to not really liking it. The video is lame. Why can't musicians understand that a music video can be a way to help tell the story or express your feelings by adding images to your song. Most musicians just use the music video as a way to be narasistic and show themselves singing. Lame. Lame.
As far as the song goes, I think there is actually a problem with filling the world with silly love songs. Silly love songs teach us that love is something you earn by making someone else validate you. It is all conditional love and it is based on the notion that happiness is outside of yourself and it is something to be achieved. It is indeed silly. It is not real love at all. And filling the world with it is not teaching us anything. Ultimately it brings only pain. Real love songs are rare. Maybe he should think about filling the world with real love. Oh well.

Rehpotsirhc said...

I definately see what you are saying and I agree. We have a very wacked idea of what love is in this society. Happiness does come from within only. All else is issusion and temporary. Thats why Ms. Houston said the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself. Unfortunately she hooked up with Mr. Brown and he sucked the metaphorical marrow from her bones and she died in the bath tub.

As for the video. It is silly. It comes, however, from the 70's before video's existed. The only real video i have seen by McCartney is the one with Michael Jackson. I dont even remember what the song is. Just that McCartney and Jackson are con men selling snake oil in a traveling circus.

Aaron Vattano said...

Oh yeah. I vaugly remember that. Also he made one video where he was drinking coffee on the roof of some building and staring out at the city. But I have no idea what the song is. Lame