Friday, October 09, 2015

Careful With That Ax Eugene by Pink Floyd

Down, down. Down, down. The star is screaming.
Beneath the lies. Lie, lie. Tschay, tschay, tschay.
[Sound of Waters blowing into the microphone]
[Light screaming from Waters]
Careful, careful, careful with that axe, Eugene.
[Very loud and prolonged scream]
[Another very loud and prolonged scream]
[Waters blowing into the microphone]
[Light screaming from Waters]
The stars are screaming loud.
[Low groaning sound from Waters]



Aaron Vattano said...

I wonder how music would be throughout the 20th century without the use of drugs. Mostly I would say that without drugs many of most memorable and best songs recorded were a direct result of drug use. But here we have an example of how sloppy you can get from over use. When you take too many drugs you can get so lost in that world your perception becomes so skewed and your judjemt so impaired you lose track of all your sanity. This song is a great example of this madness. Listening to it was physically painful. I hope I never have to do it again. No wish he memory could be erased from my drug free mind

Pirate Aggro said...

Yes I agree that drugs have been a short cut to much creativity. But they are a cruel master. It almost always ends badly. If it doesn't end badly it never ends with continued use. Most artists have their fling with drugs and eventually get sober. Or they get dead. Then people give them much much much more credit than they deserve. Like the dude from nirvana.