Monday, November 02, 2015

Vote For Me Dummy by Guided by Voices

Marry your uniform
Right now
Remember your first pair of eyes?

And vote for dummy
I'll tell you the truth
Then I'll tell you a joke
The ultimate good move
Life will be a piece of cake
Please find me a river

Develop the film of your life
Right now
Remember to turn off the light

And vote for me dummy...

Please find me an island



Aaron Vattano said...

Total garbage. That's not music. And it certainly isn't with my time.

Dan Tschirhart said...

You see, it's all about the machine and how it goes after the impressionable minds of the youth and gets their vote with empty promises of untold wealth and prosperity. They woo them with flashy colors and fancy jargon, and they become wrapped up in the pandemonium of the moment, but once the dust settles they realize what they've done, and who they've screwed over. This brings them to a crossroads, a point of no return, and the only choice they really have is... to go live on an island in the middle of the ocean.

- you know, sometimes that sounds kinda nice..if it wasn't for all those pesky sharks.