Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Days by Pratt & McClain

Happy Days
Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
Saturday, what a day,
Rockin all week with you.
This day is ours
Won't you be mine. (Oh Happy Days)
This day is ours (Oh Happy Days)
Oh please be mine.
Hello sunshine, goodbye rain,
She's wearing my high school ring on her chain.
She's my steady, I'm her man,
I'm gonna love her all I can.

Gonna cruise her round the town,
Show everybody what I've found
Rock'n'roll with all my friends
Hopin' the music never ends.
These Happy Days are yours and mine (oh Happy Days)
These Happy Days are yours and mine (oh Happy Days)
These Happy Days are yours and mine, Happy Days.



Aaron Vattano said...

I didn't know there was more to this song. I was a fan of happy days. The fonze was rad because he was cool and tough but he was also a nice dude. I also loved chachi. But not no more. After hearing Scott baio speak last week he can go to hell. So now I hate happy days. This song is lame.

Dan Tschirhart said...

I remember how happy I would get when I would see that jukebox

I still recall when they used 'Rock Around the Clock' for the first few seasons

Fonz was the shit back in the day, I was a huge fan

Laverne and Shirley got their start on the show, and you gotta love Al and Japanese Al

And the phrase 'Jumping the Shark' comes from this show

Classic TV for a simpler time

Ralph Malph was one of my favorites - every group of friends had a Ralph

Dan Tschirhart said...

This song has been stuck in my head since Monday when I watched the video

'Goodbye grey sky, hello blue'...

Pirate Aggro said...

Well... Scott Baio has ruined himself forever with me. Although it is impossible for him to ruin happy days. I too remember when the juke box would come on at the beginning of the show. I loved it. I loved the Fonz. And I love Lavern and Shirly. And lenny and Squiggy. I no longer love Joni and Chachi. TV is so different now. Seeing this show makes me realize.