Tuesday, October 04, 2016

That Thing You Do by The Wonders

you, doing that thing you do breaking my heart into a million pieces
like you always do and you don't mean to be cruel you never even knew
about the heartache i've been goin' through well, i try and try to forget you girl
but it's just so hard to do every time you do that thing you do and i,
know all the games you play and i'm gonna find a way to let you know
that you'll be mine someday cause we, could be happy,
can't you see if you'd only let me be the one to hold you,
and keep you here with me i don't ask a lot girl but i know one thing's
for sure it's the love i haven't got girl and i just can't take it anymore....
cause it hurts me so just to see you go around with someone new
and if i know you, you're doin' that thing every day,
just doing that thing i can't take you doing that thing you do

20 years ago...


Aaron Vattano said...

Never saw this movie.

Steve Zahn is in it and he always plays crazy people.

The dude who wrote this song is living in a pot of suffering of his own making. The girl he is singing about appears to have no knowlage of him. She is going about her business totally unaware of him. And he is creating all this pain in his head. Why does he do this? Cuz he likes it. He loves his broken heart. He thinks it gives his life purpose. I supppse it will work for him for a little while. I wish him luck.

Also Tom hanks looks like an ass in this scene. Movies are silly

Pirate Aggro said...

This song is spot on for adolescent love. Yes the dude suffers by choice. And yes he mistakenly thinks its poetic and meaningful when in actuality it is just sad. If I remember right Tom Hanks is an ass in this movie.