Thursday, October 27, 2016

We've Been Had by Uncle Tupelo

There's a guitar leaning on a Marshall stack
Used to sound like the sun on the horizon
Now I think we've been had
There's a young girl screaming all the way in the back
Poor kid, she never saw it coming
Now she knows she's been had
Watching the label spinning on my turntable
There's no call waiting in my headphones
And every star that shines in the back of my mind
Is just waiting for its cover to be blown
There's an eardrum bleeding, yeah it's in my head
How could I still be so in love when I know
We've been had?
Republicans and Democrats can't give you the facts
Your parents won't tell you 'til you're grown
That every star that shines in the back of your mind
Is just waiting for its cover to be blown
Flashing the badges, just like the law of averages
Nobody likes 'em where they're from
And every star that hides on the back of the bus
Is just waiting for its cover to be blown



Aaron Vattano said...

Well. Yes. There is indeed much to be dissalusioned about. We are brought up in a bubble of hope. Taught to believe in Santa Clause and the Easter bunny. Taught that true love willl conquer all. When you finally realize it's all a fantasy it does feel like you have been had. Been tricked. It is cause for much anger. For some it can make you angry enough to pick up a guitar and make crappy sounding music. When I heard this song after reading the lyrics I felt like I have indeed been had. Good lyrics but painful to listen to. I especially love the line "like a gutair sounding like the sun on the horizon. That is such an awesome way to describe the beautiful, magical sound of music. Too bad these "musicians" can't actually make any.

Dan Tschirhart said...

This reminds of all the fads that we've lived through, all the one-hit wonders

Those moments in time when everybody you knew wanted to get their hands on a Beanie Baby

or Garbage Pail Kids

or a Rubik's cube

or being Gluten free

And right when you're really getting into it, it's replaced by the next new kid on the block

You're standing there in your parachute pants, befuddled by the abruptness of it all

But on the flip side, we have those moments in our lives when we shine like a goddamn diamond


Pirate Aggro said...

Won't post so stick it

Pirate Aggro said...

This is the fourth attempt at leaving a comment first off if I can't have gluten then life would not be worth living there are so few things in this life that give you pleasure why would you cut out good gluten carbs all of it why would you give up one thing that makes life worth living about lying to kids kid need to be lied to reality will set in soon enough so kids should be able to hear about Santa. my parents were late adopters of everything so I almost never had the latest anything but when I did it was indeed glorious.