Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Go All The Way by Edie Vedder

don’t let anyone say that it’s just a game
for i’ve seen other teams and it’s never the same
when you’re born in chicago you are blessed and you’re healed
the first time you walk into wrigley field
our heros wear pinstripes and heros in blue
give us the chance to feel like heros too
whether we’ll win and if we should lose,
we know someday we’ll go all the way,
yeah, someday we’ll go all the way!
we are one with the cubs, with the cubs we’re in love
hold our head high as the the underdogs
we are not fairweather but farweather fans
like brothers in arms, in the streets and the stands
theres magic in the ivy and the old score board
the same one i stared at as a kid keeping score
in a world full of greed i could never want more
someday we’ll go all the way
yeah, someday we’ll go all the way
someday we’ll go all the way
yeah, someday we’ll go all the
someday we’ll go all the way
heres to the men and the legends we’ve known
teaching us faith and giving us hope
united we stand and united we’ll fall
down to our knees the day we win it all
yeah ernie banks said “well lets play two”
or did he mean two hundred years
in the same ball park, our dimond, our jewel
the home of our joy and our tears
keeping traditions and wishes made new
the place where our grandfathers’ fathers grew
the spiritual feeling if i ever knew
if you aint been, i am sorry for you
and when the day comes for that last winning run
and i’m crying covered in beer
i look to the sky and know i was right
to think someday we’ll go all the way
yeah someday we’ll go all the way
some day we’ll go all the way
yeah, someday we’ll go all the way



Aaron Vattano said...

Wow. This dude actually cares about baseball enough to write and record a song about it. What a moron. This is a worthless song. Who cares if you win. Sports isn't about winning. It's about playing your best. We are obsessed with winning. We all have to be winners. Grow the fuck up

Cubsalltheway253 said...

This dude sounds like someone trying very hard to fit in. The Internet is full of them. Cool blog though.

Pirate Aggro said...

He is ignorant. Please keep commenting cubs.