Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Caterpiller by The Cure

Flicka flicka flicka
Here you are
Cata cata cata
Caterpillar girl
Flowing in
And filling up my hopeless heart
Oh never never go
Dust my lemon lies
With powder pink and sweet
The day I stop
Is the day you change
And fly away from me

You flicker
And you're beautiful
You glow inside my head
You hold me hynotized
I'm mesmerized
Your flames
The flames that kiss me dead



Dan Tschirhart said...

Now this is one my favorite Cure songs

I play this one on the ukulele all the time

It's also fun to try to mimic Robert Smith's vocals since they're so damn high and unique

I imagine this version is live, but the album version is perfect

'You flicker and you're beautiful, you glow inside my head'

I remember the video was rather odd, but all Cure videos were strange in their own right

My Uncle Jeff actually met Robert Smith on the beach in Kauai (where my Uncle lives) a couple years back

He had never heard of the Cure or Robert Smith for that matter

But they had a good conversation and my Uncle said he was very nice, and down to earth

And then Robert asked my Uncle if he would mind if a friend could join them on the park bench

His friend was Santana, who just happens to be one of my Uncle's favorite artists

Uncle Jeff said it was a pretty cool day

Dan Tschirhart said...

I couldn't resist

I just had to play it on the ukulele

It was rather fun

Pirate Aggro said...

I love the ukulele. I think you should make it your life's mission to make the Ukulele a staple of the blues and rock and roll. That big fat dude who played the ukulele and did that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow that makes people want to cry every time they hear it. As for Robert Smith he is one of those artists who's stage persona is so all encompassing that if I met him on the street I would not recognize him. Awesome band. And this is one of my faves. takes me back to highschool.

Aaron Vattano said...

The cure was a band for jerks