Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Way Down in the Hole by Tom Waits

When you walk through the garden
you gotta watch your back
well I beg your pardon
walk the straight and narrow track
if you walk with Jesus
he's gonna save your soul
you gotta keep the devil
way down in the hole
he's got the fire and the fury
at his command
well you don't have to worry
if you hold on to Jesus hand
we'll all be safe from Satan
when the thunder rolls
just gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole
All the angels sing about Jesus' mighty sword
and they'll shield you with their wings
and keep you close to the lord
don't pay heed to temptation
for his hands are so cold
you gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole



Dan Tschirhart said...

Tom Waits is such an interesting chap

You always know it's one of his songs the second you hear his voice

'Rosie' is one of my favorites and it's on his debut album

When his voice wasn't completely shot

And yes - the age old battle with the devil and his demons

In another song of the same ilk, a question is asked -

'When his fame begins to fade, what makes the devil afraid?'

I bethca it's clowns - they're just creepy

Aaron Vattano said...

I never want to have a colonoscopy. I never want to experience the exploration of the hole. I never want to uncover the depths. It makes me happy though that you are blowing out your insides. I giggle much at the thought of you hunkered over the toilet with sweat dripping down your forehead as your kids mess you. There is justice in this world. Also Tom Waits is a wierdo. A total weirdo. He started out rad. Then turned into a weirdo. Now he is rad again. He has one of the best love songs I ever heard. It's called Picture in a Frame. But then you listen to What's he Building in there and you think ... weirdo.

Dan Tschirhart said...

Yes, that is an astute observation

'Picture in a Frame' is a cool song

'What's He Building in There' is sheer madness