Thursday, November 20, 2014

Call Me by st Paul and the Broken Bones

Call me!
This ain't the heart
That I thought I knew
This ain't the party
That I found with you

You got your liming,baby
I got mine
...We ain't the lovers
That will tare all down
We ain't the fortune,no
...You got your limit,baby,I got mine
...Got to call you ,baby
I need you to pick up that telephone

I need you to call me
I need you to hear you sweetheart
Let me,let me,let me ,let me hear you again
Got to hear you...
I need,I need,I need,I need ,I need you baby
I need,I need ,I need ,I need,I need you baby
Got to pick up,got to pick it up
Baby pick up that telephone
I need you baby
You got your limit,baby
I got mine to call the doctor
Got to call the nurse
Got to call someone



Ryan Patterson said...

This guy sounds like an unhealthy and obsessive type of person. I hope the music is better than the lyrics

Aaron Vattano said...

I agree with Ryan. This dude is not healthy. If you ever NEED someone to call you you need to look at what is making you happy. If that thong is a person then you need to realize that is a recipe for pain. What a fucko. Also Ryan is a money grubbing jerk