Saturday, November 01, 2014

November Blue by The Avett Brothers

If I weren't leavin', would I catch you dreamin'
And if I weren't gonna be gone now, could I take you home
And if I told you I loved you, would it change what you see
And if I was stayin', would you stay with me
And if I had money, would it all look good
And if I had a job now, like a good man should
And if I came to you tomorrow, and said let's run away
Would you roll like the wind does, baby would you stay

My heart is dancin', to a November tune
And I hope that you hear it, singing songs about you
I sing songs of sorrow, because you're not around
See, babe I'm gone tomorrow, Baby follow me down

I don't know why I have to, but this man must move on
I love my time here, didn't know 'til I was gone
November shadows, shade November change
November spells sweet memory, the season blue remains
November spells sweet memory, the season blue remains

Your yellow hair is like the sunlight, however sweet it shines
Bit by the cold of December, I'm warm beside your smile

Oh lady, tell me I'm not leaving, you're everything I dreamed
I'm killing myself thinking, I've fallen like the leaves
I'm killing myself thinking, I've fallen like the leaves



El Bastardo said...

More horse shit. This poor sap needs to get a life, and slowly walk away from his pathetic desperation. If you need to write a song to convince a are fucked.

Aaron Vattano said...

Well for once I agree with El bastardino. His words are sharp and harsh but the essence of what he is saying is true. I have been this poor bastard many times in my life. In fact it was painful to read because I could relate so much. When love is unrequited You reach a point in the insanity where you are willing to do anything to get them to feel something for you. A song like this is one last desperate attempt. And when El bastardino says in his Stanly Kowalski way of articulating "he needs to move on" I agree. What essentially is he seeking? Is it really love? Or is it more of acceptance. Does he need validation? And is he even prepared to deal with it if he did get what he is seeking? Would it not be better for him to look inward and give himself the love he is seeking? Does he even know how to love? This song has an underlying feeling of passive aggression that leads me to think the answer is no. Yet there is hope. Maybe. And I also agree with El bastardino when he says if a man has to write a song to convince a lady you are fucked. (Again more the words of a caveman but essentially correct) although sadly many times writing a song for a lady in a last attempt to win her attention often works. Well not ultimately but often it can win her over just enough so that there is some glimmer of romance. Not enough for a real loving caring healthy relationship. But just enough to waste each other's time and keep that pain from surfacing for a few years. Sometimes longer.

Pirate Aggro said...

Well, both comments are valid. Writing a song, poem, sexting, etc. will never do the trick. Hopefully if you are writing a song you are writing one like "your song" by Elton John to express your love. Not making pathetic noises saying "please love me" because even if it works for a little while because of the imbalanced power dynamic it is doomed to crash like a Russian rocket trying to take supplies to the international space station. I've been there too. But it was a looooong time ago. I remember the last time clearly. A long week end where I literally was sweating in an agony of unrequited love. It was like a forest fire cleansing my soul of underbrush so that a more substantial forest could grow. And grow it did. I vowed I would NEVER give a human being that much power over my feelings again.

Aaron Vattano said...

And yet I have power over you