Saturday, March 19, 2016

SONG 1000... Mission by The Fresnels

On January 4th 2004 Songtime officially started with the song “One Two Buckle My Shoe” by Tony Chestnut.  Songtime had been going for some time even before that, but had not been officially recorded.  At that time I would hand type each song into Yahoo messenger from my desk at work as the Executive Secretary at the USC school of theater.  Initially, the protocol for songtime was more complicated and required two insightful comments for each song provided.  This proved to be far far beyond the capabilities of Berv.  So gradually, the protocol diminished until the only rule of songtime  was one comment for each song given.  A new song could not be given until a comment was made.  There was a period of time when Ryan as the only one responding to songs.  Then a full year without any song.  Songtime is now posted here on the Pirate Aggro blog with a link to the actual song.  Even with this convenience Berv struggles.  Dan has joined the fight and easily makes insightful comments. 

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since that first song more than twelve years ago.  We were all young men then who had just launched with everything in front of us.  Now we are all well ensconced in middle age and in mid-career.  All of us have endured rough seas.  All have experienced joy.  Songtime, really, is a musical record of that time.

Today I post the 1000th song.  Berv has chosen “Mission” by the Fresnels.  The song holds great significance for all.  It represents endings and beginnings.  Will Songtime continue?  Who knows.  Perhaps in 12 more years when we are in our mid 50s I will write another message celebrating the 2000th song.   The kids will be mostly grown and retirement will be in view.  Or perhaps it will simply peater out. We shall see.  So here it is…. Song 1000.
You say its time for leaving
Time to close the show
In our heart we know its right
But we don't want you to go
This song goes out to you
No matter where you are
We're all thinking of you
We stare at the same star
You mean the world to me
You mean the world to me
But it wont be that bad
Two years will come and go
We'll be waiting here for you
To open another show


Pirate Aggro said...

this song also goes out to Dan. for the same reasons. Except he does not struggle with simple protocol.

Aaron Vattano said...

This song was the last song on the last album we made. It was written by young fools. It's a good song though. SONGTIME will never die. I am officially lobbying to bring back protocol. That way we can reach 2000 songs within 3 years. Also Mormon missions are lame

Dan Tschirhart said...

I remember us recording this song in my empty house on Osprey Court

Jack had a scooter and Jeremy's drums were set up where the kitchen table used to be

It was a cherished moment in time where we all came together and created a Fresnels masterpiece.

Best of all - we dedicated it to Chris

I know I'm a bit late to the brilliance of all this - but long live SONGTIME!

The show must go on!

Pirate Aggro said...

Dan my friend. You may have come late to the party but you are a full fledged member.