Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bon Voyage Mon Cheri by Gregory Page

And I watched the rain fall
On Paris rooftops
And I watched the doves and pigeons fly
And I hear laughter
From a balcony below me
Above a beautiful gray sky
Motor scooters chase
All the cars that race
As lights turn from red to green
At twilight, it is the time
Out of fashion is a crime
The most beautiful women I've ever seen
Is this the place for me?
Far across the deep blue sea
Bon voyage mon cheri
(Violin plays) or (accordeon)
Paris by night
Was love at first sight
The Eiffel tower's all a glow
And music fills the air
Poets paint words to share
Soon it will be time to go
Is this the place for me?
Far across the Atlantic sea
Bon voyage mon cheri



Aaron Vattano said...

This song romatasizes Paris. It's like a classic "Paris is wonderful" song. I think the only people love Paris is because someone told them it was this amazing place and they believed them. In truth there is nothing good about Paris. I went there and all the restaurants were always closed. If they were open the food was bad. The meat was never cooked. I went to a play and was given seats in the back of the theatre cuz the people there are snobby assholes. Also they talk funny. Don't believe everything people tell you. So this song is just perpetuating a lie.

Pirate Aggro said...

That was London dude. You were in london. I guess I can see how you got confused but here are some clues you should have turned on to. They were speaking english. That's why they call it england. The food was terrible. England is famous for terrible food. They were snooty. The English are so snooty they don't think they are part of europe. Some other clues you might have paid attention to were their crooked teeth as well as palace guards who have black q tips o there heads.

Aaron Vattano said...

I went to France too after the semester ended. Went for 10 days. Biggest waste of time. Biggest mistake of my life. Paris is garbage

Dan Tschirhart said...

Well, I've yet to visit either one, but I have seen the Big Book of British Smiles, and it ain't pretty

This song could be on the Ratatouille soundtrack - it's rather pleasant

I recall 'Mon Cheri' as one of the pet names Gomez had for Morticia - ooh and 'Cara Bella'

'Boy those French, they have a different word for everything' - Steve Martin

Pirate Aggro said...

"Those French. They don't even have a word for Entrepreneur." George W. Bush

Aaron Vattano said...

France is total garbage