Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Haunted, When the Minutes Drag by Love and Rockets

The word that would best describe this feeling
Would be haunted
I touch the clothes you left behind
That still retain your shape and lines
Still haunted
I trace the outline of your eyes
We're in the mirror hypnotized
I'm haunted
I find a solitary hair
Gone and still I reminisce
I'm haunted
Haunted by your soul
Haunted by your hair
Haunted by your clothes
Haunted by your eyes
By your soul, by your hair
By your clothes, by your eyes
By your voice, by your smile
By your mouth, by your soul
By your hair, by your clothes
By your eyes, by your voice
By your smile, by your mouth
By you soul
So this is for when you feel happy
And this is for when you feel sad
And this is for when you feel
Oh, when the minutes drag
Oh, when the minutes drag
And this is for the tears that won't dry
And this is for a bright blue sky
And this is for when you feel lucky
Oh, when the minutes drag
Oh, when the minues drag
So this is for when you feel happy again
And this is for when you're feeling sad
And this is for when you feel
Oh, the minutes drag
Oh, the minutes drag


Aaron Vattano said...

Man. This dude is sad. I suppose death can be like this. There is something haunting about the realization that something you desire is gone forever. Until you accept that it can tear away at you.

Dan Tschirhart said...

Ah Love and Rockets - I listened to them a lot in high school

The album Earth Sun Moon was on the record player for months - ('No New Tale To Tell' was the hit song)

I've always liked this song

It's a typical song of theirs

- in that it's somewhat deep, there will be a catchy part in the song - & it will end on a sad note

They had some really good songs though, and some were actually happy

I still play a few of them on guitar from time to time

'And this is for when you feel something'

Pirate Aggro said...

Love and Rockets reminds me of High School dances. "I'm Alive! Uh-Hu I'm alive." This dude is sad. And I wonder if this is just an emotion of the young and lustful. or if I am too Zen. There is nothing really that I desire on this level except maybe tranquility. I'm satisfied with who and what I have. I miss people, yes. Family, friends, at least one lover. I miss places, Santa Fe, Los Angeles. But I don't miss then in the sense I want to go back. I realize they represent a time more than they represent something that I have any real notion of returning to. I enjoy the past for what it was. I try not to worry about the future. The here and now is pretty good.