Monday, April 06, 2015

Those Were the Days

Boy the way Glenn Miller Played
Songs that made the Hit Parade
Guys like us we had it made
Those were the days.

Didn't need no Welfare states
Everybody pulled his weight
gee our old LaSalle ran great
Those were the days

And you knew who you were then
Girls were girls and men were men
Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again

People seemd to be content
$50 payed the rent
Freaks were in a circus tent
Those were the days
Take a little sunday spin
Tonight I'll watch the dogers win
Have yourself a dandy day that cost you under a fin

 Hair was short and skirts were long
Kate Smith really sung the song
I don't know just what went wrong




Aaron Vattano said...

This song was not performed well. A song like this would never fly today as the theme song to a show. The bunkers were simple unconscious people who needed to feel that they had control over a world of chaos. They were sad assholes. They represent everyone on the world. Dumb asses who want things to stay the same. Once all the Archie bunkers of he world die off we will have a chance to progress. In the meantime we must indure lame songs like this.

Ryan Patterson said...

Can we do something other than theme songs from 70s tv shows?

Reading any meaning into a sitcom from the 70s is like reading into a shakespeare play and making like it is some sort of genious when really it was pulp entertainment to satisfy the unruly lower class

Rehpotsirhc said...

And it like farting in the elevator when you are alone in there and then sending it to a floor where you know there are lots of people

Aaron Vattano said...

The voice of that lady singing haunts me

Ryan Patterson said...

Knowing our culture... no doubt in 400 years this tv series will be canonized as works of genious. Scholars will spend their careers dissecting every word and writing their dissertations on how genious it was. Then every theatre will recreate it in the form of plays and directors will be hailed as geniuses for their interpretations. Then everyone will masturbate.