Thursday, June 02, 2016

That's Me Trying by William Shatner

I got your address from the phone book at the library
Wandered in, looked you up and you were there
Weird that you've been living, maybe, 2 miles away for the best part of 20 years
You must be, what, in your early forties now
If I remember
You were born in June or was it May?
Eisenhower was the president although it may have been JFK

Years of silence
Not enough who could blame us giving up?
Above the quiet there's a buzz
That's me trying

You still working in that store on ventura?
You still going with--no, that's not fair
I know I haven't been the very best of dads
I'll hold my hand up there
The reason that I'm writing is that i'd like for us to meet
Get a little daughter dad action going soon
We can put things behind us
Eat some pizza, drink some beer
You still see your sister Lemli?
Bring her, too

Years of silence, not enough
Who could blame us giving up?
Above the quiet there's a buzz
That's me trying

But I don't want to talk about any of that bad stuff
Why I missed out on your wedding and your high school graduation
I'd like to explain, but I can't
So let's keep things neutral
Stick to topics that won't bug us

How 'bout this?
Let's choose a book and we'll read it before we meet
Then we can sit down at a restaurant
Have a look at the menu and talk about it while we eat
See, if we never had a problem
Then that's what life would be like

So let's just pretend that the past didn't happen
I don't really like thriller as well
I don't want to know if I've got grandchildren
No need to tell me where I went wrong
I don't want to know what happened in your thirties
You wanna try 'cold mountain'?
Or is that too long??

Years of silence, not enough
Who could blame us giving up?
Above the quiet there's a buzz
That's me trying
I'm trying



Aaron Vattano said...

Well. I suppose he is trying to make amends for a decision he regrets. Sounds like a pretty lousy father. I'm sure she has many lame feelings about him. Not sure that the lunch he is hoping for will ever happen. Or if it does I don't think it would turn out the way he hoped. You can't fuck someone in the ass for that long and expect to be forgiven. But who knows.

Pirate Aggro said...

Well... Let me first respond to this by taking off my social work hat.

TOOOOOO LLLLLAAAATE... TOO LATE you ass. Man if you don't even remember what YEAR your daughter was born in... if she is in her forties... if you didn't even know she had been living close by... if you don't even know if she has kids... ITS TOO LATE BRA. Frippin loser.

Now, hat back on. If shat were my client I would say "Well, I don't think it would hurt to reach out to her in a non-threatening way. Perhaps suggest meeting for lunch in a neutral location. Perhaps suggest you discuss a book together. Just be prepared, though, for what may result in reaching out. She may be very angry or... she may not respond at all. Just go into it with no expectations.

if the woman were my client I would say "Well, This is a very personal choice. This sounds like a very sincere attempt to make contact. It is completely up to you, though, if you respond or if you don't respond. You have no duty to respond in any way. If you do respond, you call the shots. It is you who will decide what kind of relationship you want.


Dan Tschirhart said...

Yeah, this guy is an asshat, and his daughter is better off without him.

I've always heard Shatner is an assclown

But I guess we'll always have "KAHN!!!"

I've heard Nimoy was a real cool cat, though

Pirate Aggro said...

Asshat... yes that is a perfect description of Shat. I always thought his albums were meant to be ironic and silly, which they certainly are. This "song" however shows that, no, in fact he is serious and believes he is saying something deep while being confessional. In reality what it shows is that shat has absolutely no awareness that he is an asshat. Yes, the song is confessional but as I said to Berv its a bit like hearing the dude in the bunk next to you at camp masturbating. It's just embarrassing. Embarrassing that he apparently has no idea that his face and his ass are interchangeable. No self knowledge that to try to be a father to your daughter when she is in her forties is just pathetic. TO LATE ASSHAT! TWENTY YEARS TO LATE! I don't know why but this song really got me riled.

Oh and I read that the 2nd season of star trek almost didn't happen because Shat had a hissy fit about Nemoy's character becoming more and more popular. Another example of asshattedness.

Aaron Vattano said...

Actually shatner is a great guy and it really makes me mad to hear you bash him. He is incredible In fact. I totally forgive him for what he did. He was after all too busy to deal with family. I totally get it. He and I are total pals. Get over it

Pirate Aggro said...

Yes. This is how I suspected you really felt all along.