Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Canals of Our City by Beirut

Walls gone over the sea
But not for me
Watch now, all will end
Now all that I'm, under a tide
Now I'm, under a tide
Tall hair under it all
Much more than I once had
Over seas



Aaron Vattano said...

I don't understand the song. You can't build a wall over the sea. And why would you be sad that you couldn't have one? The video was shot on a home camera. It's pretty at least. I like the line that says all that I am under the sea. Reminds me that we all die and go away.

Dan Tschirhart said...

First off, I love these guys

I own quite a few of their songs

"Postcards from Italy" is one of my favorites

This song is sad and nostalgic

As for what it means?

Well, the 'tall hair under it all' makes me think of the cartoon 'Johnny Bravo'

Maybe this song is about the aging Johnny Bravo spending his later years at the beach